Ready for the second run

Today we are sorting through a whole heap of coats ahead of tonight’s outing. It’s so wonderful and humbling as we sort through them. To think people have taken the time out of their busy lives to not just sift through their belongings, but also go out of their way to bring them to our designated drop off point. 
Thank you so much from all of us at Project_Winter Coat. Without you this idea would have stayed just that. You are the people who make a difference. 

On days like today as the wind rips through buildings, taking the rain along with it for the ride, we realise that we all can make a difference. No matter how big or small we think it might be. 



Wherever I lay my coat, that’s my home.

Sat back in the comfort of our homes, warm drink in hand, TV chatting away in the background, but all feeling very different.


Our first outing was a chilly one. It served to bring home the real truth of why we were trawling the streets. It was ok for us. By the end of the night, our skin would warm up with a tingle stirring memories from childhood of coming home after sledging to a hot chocolate and a cuddle from mum. The feeling would come back in the tips of our fingers, once wrapped around a hot comforting cup of tea. The cold that had run through our bones would thaw when curled up in the duvets of our cosy safe beds.

But for those sleeping in doorways seeking refuge, they wouldn’t have that luxury. They wouldn’t be so lucky. So we went with one intention. If we could give at the very least one coat to somebody who would benefit it, our evening would have been successful.

And that we did. And we talked to people, each in very different situations to ourselves. And you could say that they got something from our ‘little outing’ tonight. And you’d be right. But we got something too. We got the chance to meet genuine and lovely people, who spoke to us openly and who took our offering as kindness, not pity. It was at times upsetting when we approached people, as they cowered, head down, seemingly expecting harassment of some kind. Or the countless times we tried to get their attention because they clearly believed there would be no reason at all that we would want to talk to them. As we headed home we all believed that we got far more from them than they did from us.

Tonight we realised that homelessness can happen for many many reasons. So look around you. Homelessness is everywhere. It’s sat next to you on the bus, it’s ordering a coffee in front of you and walking beside you in the street. And it can effect anyone at any time.


So to those who donated, we echo our earlier blog when we say thank you. You made a difference. Tonight somebody will sleep a little warmer, maybe even feel a little safer just to be snuggled up that bit more.

Tonight you wrapped someone in love. Feel good?

If you’d like to donate please contact or find us on facebook at project winter coat