We are just a group of friends that want to leave a legacy. Whether that is big or small, we want to make some difference to this big and beautiful world. And maybe you can help too.

Winter crept in, uninvited. The ice followed quickly, and stayed. The air felt frosty and unkind. And it was there that Kelly’s brilliant idea surfaced. She spoke of an idea, in the hope we’d get onboard and help her make it happen. And so it came to pass that Project_Winter Coat was born.

Project_Winter Coat

It’s all pretty simple really. We collect coats that people no longer want or need, that are in good condition, and leave them around parts of the City for the homeless, with a little tag attached inviting people to take them. And with that, we invite them to wrap themselves in love.

But we needed coats! Social media played its part with status updates, shares, likes, and a few more shares. But it was the love and care of our generous community made it happen. Within just 24 hours there were more coats than there were hands to hang them! What a truly humbling feeling.

To every single one of you that ransacked wardrobes, cupboards and coat hooks we thank you. We thank you for making this happen. Because of you somebody might just stay warm tonight, and through the cold winter months, and know that they are not alone because you are thinking of them.

And so tonight we put on our own coats and hit the streets, armed with tags, coats, and a whole heap of love.

It just might be that you are the reason that somebody stays wrapped in love this winter.

Stay tuned…


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