One degree until bedtime. 


One person with one idea one evening. That one idea lead to one project to make a difference. Even if to just one person.

One house filled with donations. Piled high thanks to one city that holds some of the most generous people we have ever been blessed to be able to reach out to. One person who is kind enough to donate. That one person, possibly you reading this right now. Without you, we have nothing. Zero. 

One day a week. Nothing. A small piece of our lives to try to reach out to somebody less fortunate than ourselves. 

One chance to meet somebody who could use a little help, by coincidence or fate. One chance to give food and clothing to get dry for a little while. One pair of socks, one less chance of catching a cold. One coat for warmth and for comfort. One sandwich, one less reason to rifle through a bin. One sleeping bag, one reason to make the night seem a little less lonely, maybe. One conversation to make somebody feel like they matter. 

One more Sunday hitting the streets, one more chance that we might be blessed enough to make a new friend. 

One more bitterly cold evening, tonight covered in a blanket of snow with no sign that winter is leaving anytime soon. 

When the temperatures drops to zero degrees, the churches open their doors for the homeless to sleep in at night. 

Tonight was one degree. 

Just one degree would have changed everything. Just one degree of difference. 


2 thoughts on “One degree until bedtime. 

  1. You do a fantastic job why not join forces with the person who started this in Halifax and join support for a Yorkshire group? You both have done a great job but I’ve not seen the original Halifax post since yours hit the paper? Maybe our Bradford t&a needs to help that charity too! Courier step up your game!!


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