A moment to last forever. 

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. 

Mother Teresa 

We headed out a little later this week. We figured we might get the chance to meet more people if they were settling down in their spots for the night.

We weren’t wrong. We had been out only a few minutes and two chaps approached us, “you’re the guys helping us out aren’t you?” We quite literally couldn’t believe it. Word had got around quickly. We also armed ourselves with chocolate bars and socks that had kindly been donated, even a couple of sleeping bags. These proved hugely useful. 

If we thought last week was cold, we had a shock this week. The wind howled through buildings, the damp air wrapped around us, that ‘cold to the bone’ sort of feeling. But that said, we wouldn’t be sleeping in the thick of it tonight like the people we met.

We met some real characters tonight. Some telling us tales of their misfortune, others much quieter, but each and every one sending us on our way with a thank you, and a smile. And then there was a truly beautiful moment, as we turned the corner, one guy turned to his pal, thinking we were out of ear shot and said ‘oh wow’ with such excitement in his voice. It was such an emotional moment that will last with us for a long long time, possibly forever. 

What is great is that we are learning more every time we go out. We are finding out where to go, creating meeting points to give donations, and meeting some great characters. But more importantly our eyes are being opened to what life is like for people living on the streets, and how we can help, no matter how small. Any difference is better than no difference at all. 

We walked away tonight having distributed all the wonderful donations we had. Now we need more! Yet again, every single person who donated has helped to wrap someone in love. And to you we say thank you on behalf of everybody we had the privilege of meeting tonight. 

Please keep your donations coming. Particularly men’s coats, gloves, scarves and hats. We are clean out!

Thank you all from Project_WinterCoat. 


4 thoughts on “A moment to last forever. 

  1. Hi ya, love the work you guys are doing x
    My daughter would like to asked her school for donations for you guys. Where are you based?


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